Saturday, January 15, 2011

New beginnings

I have finally joined the world of online blogging.  The Etsy store has been set up and we actually had 2 sales in December.  I spent the holidays creating new items and joining Ravelry and other online forums for advice/support.  Today I will be teaching a friend how to spin fiber on a drop spindle - hoping this goes well for both of us.  Have to improve my pictures for the shop too this weekend.  I have a friend interested in one of my knitted scarves so hopefully there will be a sale this week.

My goal is to focus on improving one aspect of the business per month.  This month is photography - they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I have been fortunate to have lots of support from friends and coworkers which has made the transition from hobby to business less jolting.  Although I still have to remind myself to keep things in perspective and not stress.

I frogged the dyed handspun and am now converting it to a scarf pattern from my Artic Lace pattern book.  I do enjoy lace projects the most and the new scarf is flowing so much faster.  Still need to find a good hat pattern for my CVM wool yarn but it will come in time.  Taking a small break from knitting fingerless mittens as the pattern was starting to bore me.

I actually have about 3 projects on my spinning wheel - yikes!  First to be finished and plied will be the suri locks a kind rancher gave me this fall to practice with.  The locks are white and really look white now that I have washed them.  Experimenting on how to spin the fiber - from the tips and over the fold.  I probably won't get much yarn yardage from it but it might make bookmarks or perhaps a knitted bracelet (must find a pattern for this).  I am using my flicker brush and must say that the locks have a long fiber length and truly do have a silky texture to them.  The second bobbin contains my huacuya fleece which is being spun into laceweight yarn and is reddish brown.  I am going for 2 oz of fiber per bobbin which will be plied together for hopefully 200+ yards of yarn.  I would like to sell at least one skein but the majority of the fleece will be kept for a special shawl project.

Well this is probably enough for the first blog post.  Hope to be here for updates at least once a week and will strive to keep it to crafts/store sales.

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