Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alpaca Fiber mission

Well I have done my research and spoken with a local rancher and alas alpaca ownership is not in my near future.  As I do love their fiber my goal (business plan) is to focus on fiber sales.  I am preparing to purchase several fleeces this year and send lots away to be processed for resale on my Etsy shop.  Of course I may keep a fleece or two for my handspinning needs but this is far more practical and economical for someone who doesn't really want to live on a ranch. 

My goal for March is to learn how to crochet as it is much faster than knitting.  Looking forward to getting together with the local knitting group on Sunday (let's hope my health continues to improve).  On Saturday I will be looking at fleeces at ATAR in Arvada, CO and seeing which color schemes and softness grab my attention.  Hoping the mill in Elizabeth opens soon so I can send items to be processed. 

Took lots of pictures of my handspun yarn and the completed gloves which need to be uploaded onto the Flickr site, Ravelry site and into Etsy for sale (some of them).  The headband is coming along and yes I have fiber on my wheel.  I have so missed spinning fiber it is a wool dyed roving in subtle shades of purple, blue and red.  Once I get the pictures loaded I will add them to the post for everyone to see.



  1. I love to both knit and crochet, but I've never tried spinning my own yarn... maybe that's something I need to learn next.

  2. I find spinning yarn to be very relaxing and soothing. It opens up a whole new world of people, knowledge and tools to acquire.